Embroidery kit: Easter letter

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Embroidery kit: 'Easter letter' bread napkin

An old Danish tradition to send an Easter letter is a tradition originated several centuries ago, and with the first signs of Spring, the preparation for longer days, more light and the hope that comes with it.

This Easter letter is a little more robust than the ones made of paper and is suitable for both bread basket or under a vase on the table to spread the message of the new season. If you would like to follow Danish tradition, you could send it to a friend and see if you can trick them into buying you an Easter Egg (it's part of the tradition, that if they cannot guess who the letter is from, they lose an Easter Egg to the person who send it).

The Embroidery kit is made in French embroidery, so that the holes, characteristic for the Easter letters are included. Combined with the full-bodied English embroidery, it will be a nice delicate napkin.

The finished napkin is 26x26cm

The kit includes:

  • White cotton fabric with print
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle with point
  • Manual and good karma

Besides this you will need:

  • Stilletto for punching holes
  • Pointy scissors
  • White vinegar
  • Opt.: sewing hoop
  • Patience and skills