About us

Moonfeather is Thomas D. Nielsen and Rikke Lyng.

The name "Moonfeather" evolved when Rikke bought a Tipi (many years ago). Because you can't have a Tipi without an native indian name, can you? Since then it became our company with various branches, since we are a couple with several ideas and drive.

Thomas is doing administrative work and Rikke is the creative one in this particular branch.

Moonfeather is about expanding the knowledge in textile handcrafts. By arranging both events and courses, which means that the important craftsmanship of embroidery, knitting, crotchet and sewing is being kept alive and well

But we also sell embroidery kits, and various finished items, all of the highest handcraftet quality.

Rikke has enherited the passion of textile craftmanship from her mother and it has become her life mission, to get as many as possible hooked on this, with this 'hand-to-heart-therapy'. If the high quality craftsmanship must survice, it needs to be taught, rethought and used. We at Moonfeather want to be part of this.