Embroidery kit: A4 Notebook with red onion cover

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Embroidery kit A4 Notebook with red onion cover

If you find it fun to sew new embroidery stitches, you would hopefully love to embroider this red onion. There are 12 different stitches used for it, and even though there is oldies like back stitches, stem stitches and chain stitches too, you will find they are used in other ways than usually. 
The measure of the red onion embroidery is 15cmx 6cm and whether you make it into the notebook cover around the A4 note book with lines, this kit includes, or sew it into a bag, is your own choice.

This kit includes: 
  • Overlocked, unbleached linen fabric with print
  • DMC embroidery yarn
  • A4 note book with lines
  • Manual 
  • Good karma
You will also need: 
  • Embroidery needle with a point, 
  • White vinegar,
  • (Sewing machine) 
  • Patience