Embroidery Kit: Fizzy napkin

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Embroidery Kit: Fizzy napkin

The pattern is inspired by the sizzling rising bubbles, when pouring soda or Champagne in a glass. It is replicated in all 4 corners of the napkin.

The embroidery kit is prepared for an easy approach.

Stitches used in the kit are back stich, french embroidery, chain stitches, stem stiches, french knots and boullion stiches

The napkin is approx. 39x39cm (15''x15'')

Please write ENGLISH MANUAL in the order notes, if you require this.

The kit includes:

  • DMC embroidery yarn
  • A purple, pre-washed linen napkin with print
  • Manual including instruction for all stiches used

What you need beside this kit:

  • Embroidery needle with point
  • Scissors
  • Stiletto or other pointy object
  • Patience

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