Embroidery kit: Eyelet tree

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Embroidery kit: Eyelet tree

For this embroidery you will need all your wild creativity. The tree trunk is made with chain stitches and stem stitches covered with satin stitches. For a natural look, there has to be unevenness and curls and twists, so let your hair out, find your inner wild natural side and make a tree like no one else could do. The eyelets are made with and without a stiletto (or knitting pin). They can be small or big, with a wide embroidery edge or a slim one. Play with the colours in the packet and enjoy the therapy of making the tree top. You can use your tree in a frame or include it in a cushion, on a bag or where ever you need a tree. Please write ENGLISH MANUAL in the order notes, if you require this.

The tree messure approx. 17x12 cm/1.69 x 4.72inch

This embroidery includes:

  • Linen fabric with print of the trunk
  • A coloured mix of 21 DMC embroidery yarn + 3 shades of brown.
  • Manual
  • Good karma

You will beside this need:

  • Embroidery needle with point
  • Scissor with pointy tip
  • Stilletto or knitting pin
  • Clear vinegar