Embroidery kit: Diabetes purse

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This embroidery kit is made so that people with diabetes can have their insulin pen and extra needles and maybe other necessary things with them. The red cross makes it easier for others to find it in a bag amongst other stuff too. The technique is rows of stem stitches very close to each other and a bit of raised satin stitches. The inside is ready for use, as it is padded and already sewn together with a zipper in, so you just do the fun part, the embroidery.

Finished measure 19,5x13 cm 

This embroidery kit includes: 

  • Prewashed linen with print 
  • Premade inside with zipper sewn in 
  • DMC embroidery yarn
  • Manual
  • Good karma

You will beside this need:

  • Embroidery needle with a point
  • A pair of scissors
  • White vinegar
  • Thread for assembling
  • Iron
  • Patience