Embroidery kit: Notebook cover with fibula motif

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Notebook cover embroidery kit with fibula motif

This embroidery kit motif is a fibula (clothpin) from year 1050-1200, found on eastern Falster in Denmark. The ornament on the creatures back was missing but is on this motif. The big creatures fight against the snake should symbolize the fight between the good and evil.

This embroidery kit is made with 2 different stitches. The outline is stem stitches and filled with long and short stitches. If you think that is too difficult, you can alternatively fill the middle with rows of chain stitches.

This embroidery kit includes: 

  • Notebook with lines
  • Deep red linen with print
  • DMC embroidery yarn
  • Manual
  • Good karma

You will beside this need:

  • Embroidery needle with a point
  • A pair of scissors
  • White vinegar
  • Thread for sewing the cover 
  • Iron
  • Patience