Embroidery kit: Urnes napkin

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This napkin embroidery kit is French embroidery or raised embroidery in the same color all the way through. The underlining is stem stitches, back stitches, and chain stitches to get some volume in the embroidery. Afterwards the underlining is covered with dense satin stitches. Do you find French embroidery annoying; you can just sew small chain stitches instead. 

The napkin is linen fabric and NOT pre sewn around the edges. It is easier to iron the embroidery nicely after the vinegar soak, when there’s no double folding under it.

The motif with the 3 dragons is inspired by the Urnes style, which was used in the late Viking era in Scandinavia. 

Use the napkin as a centerpiece, bread basket napkin for an oval basket, a placemat or what you can think of using it as.

The embroidery kit includes:

  • Linnen 47x67cm (18,5''x26,3'')
  • DMC Embroidery yarn
  • Embroidery needle with point
  • Manual and good karma

Besides this, you will need (not included):

  • Clear vinegar
  • Flat iron
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors and patience