Embroidery kit: Sea urchins Pink

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Embroidery kit: Sea urchins Pink

This embroidery kit salutes your own creativity. With a selection of useful stitches in the manual, you can create your own unique sea urchins. French knots are beautiful on them, but some of the, maybe not so known, running stitches, will come in handy on these little sea urchins. And if you mix them with the matt and shiny yarns, the result will end up very charming. But here is a little warning…. you can get addicted to creating them. Please write ENGLISH MANUAL in the order notes, if you require this.

The embroidery kit includes:

  • 1 big + 1 small pink colored felt ball
  • DMC embroidery yarn, woolen yarn and shiny yarn
  • A row of felt to cut small pads from
  • Manual
  • Good karma

Besides this, you will need (not included):

  • 1 long needle with a point, 1 embroidery needle with a point
  • Scissors and patience